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︎3D image video of the scene and its vicinity

Date and Time of the News

In early 2000s (2005-2009) in the afternoon.

Place of Occurance

In a living room.

We need information from anyone who saw the same or similar news, knew of someone who has similar experience, or the person involved.

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Case Summary

In my second year at junior high school, I, Aoi Ohnishi, 13 years old, killed two people. One in the summer break, another in the winter break. The first weapon was malice, and battle-axe for the second time.

After an argument, she murdered her big brother by stabbing his belly several times with a kitchen knife. She explained “I was ordered and beaten [by my brother].”

Koichiro squeezed Shizuka's wrist and took the knife from her easily. She screamed with pain and tried to escape. But his knife aims at Shizuka's pale, thin neck instantly.

I grasp tightly on the handle of the axe. My legs are shaking, and I can't move. It won't move at all.

Suddenly, the axe felt lighter. Just like that, I lift the axe and run towards Koichiro. From behind, I plunge his back with an axe. But it didn't hit well and the blade slipped to the side. Koichiro slowly turns around and glares at me. His eyes are glowing.

Koichiro walks towards me and aims his knife. I swing my axe towards the knife. I can see the back of Shizuka running away. Part of me wanting her to run, and another part of me screaming help to her. I begin to weep as my feelings mixed up.

Koichiro twists the handle of my battle-axe. My wrist got twisted and sprained. I shrieked and dropped my axe. He takes the axe and coming towards me. I ran and tripped as my leg got tangled.

I turn around as lying down, I see Koichiro smiling with his axe up above. What a brutal face. This severe face, that's different from a child's 'battle-mode.' I couldn't move.

But Koichiro stopped moving. The axe still in the air, putting his big smile, and still.

Not knowing what had happened, I kept sitting down and looked up at the adult's face. I saw the anger and sadness dwell in his eyes.

Shizuka was standing behind him. She was holding the knife that he dropped before. She's also shivering and crying.

She's trying to say, "go to hell," but her voice disappears before she could finish her words.

The knife was thickly covered with fresh blood.

In this gray world, only the knife was shining ominously with vibrant colors.

There's red blood coming out like she twisted the faucet on Koichiro's back.

It's the color of sin.

The color of violence.

If this images have triggered you of certain memory, please let us know.

You may be afraid of remembering, thinking that if you recall this event or remember participate in one, you may be treated as a criminal. There is no need to worry about such a thing. The case presented here is based on one’s memory. Having the same or similar memory now would, therefore, prove that you are not alone. Locating the whereabouts of other witnesses of the news would directly lead us to identify the existence of the case.

We need your cooperation on this.

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Provision of Information

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